Windows Phone 8 To Have Backup Sync & SD Storage
By on July 30th, 2012

According to images in the leaked Windows Phone 8 SDK, Microsoft is planning to introduce a much wanted feature—Backups. In Windows Phone 7, there really isn’t an option to backup your apps, settings etc. In Windows Phone 8, Microsoft will be bringing a configurable option to backup settings and data. The screenshots show 3 sections under backup:

  1. App List+Settings
  2. Text Messages
  3. Pictures+Video

The first two are probably the more interesting ones since we could upload pictures to SkyDrive in WP7. (Full res images can be uploaded to SkyDrive in WP8.) This data is most likely stored on your SkyDrive account and then synced to the phone. Here’s what gets synced for App list+Settings:

The test messaging backup option is quite interesting, whether this includes chats over Windows Live Messenger remains to be tested, but theoretically, they should be. For what it’s worth, Facebook chats are archived by Facebook.

Pictures+Video backup would probably allow background uploading of the content to SkyDrive.

The other improvement coming with Windows Phone 8 is SD Storage. Windows Phone 7 was initially launched with SD storage, most notably, in Samsung Focus. The feature however, had its limitation. Once formatted the SD cards could not be used to move files between devices, in Windows Phone 8, this will change. At the Windows Phone 8 Summit, Joe Belfiore announced SD Card support and the ability to move content between PC & phone or phone & phone in a “natural” way.

The leaked the SDK shows how easy it is to move content from the phone to the SD card or vice versa:

The SD card support has been something that a handful of mobile phone users have complained about, the iPhone has no expandable storage while Android has. Windows Phone 8′s support should be interesting to see given piracy concerns.

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