Improvements Coming In Windows Phone 8 Lock Screen
By on July 30th, 2012

The Windows Phone 7 lock screen has been a gorgeous first impression into Windows Phone. The gorgeous display was not only a static wallpaper but a functional screen allowing users to interact with the music player and see their upcoming appointments or unread emails, texts, and missed calls. The Windows Phone 8 lock screen will introduce some more customization for the users.

One of the more interesting features was introduced with Windows Phone 7 Mango—the dynamic lock screen. Big and beautiful artist art has been a trademark feature of the Zune and in Windows Phone 7 Mango, the lock screen background would dynamically change to an image of the artist playing in Zune. It is neat. In Windows Phone 8, this auto-changing of lock screen background will be extended to Bing.

Like in Zune, gorgeous backgrounds have been a signature of Bing. In Windows Phone 8, one can set the lock screen background to dynamically change to that day’s Bing background—a capability some have asked for.

The lock screen will also act as a notification center. As I mentioned above, the lock screen showed counts for unread messages and emails; in Windows Phone 8, the user will be able to choose which apps does he want to show such notifications. For example, I can turn off lock screen notifications for email and replace them with WhatsApp (now why would I want to do that?). Anyhow, this is an interesting customization in Windows Phone 8 since the same feature in available in Windows 8 as well.

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