Windows Phone 8 Data Sense To Help Reduce Data Consumption
By on July 31st, 2012

As an AT&T user, I despise the company. Their exorbitant data rates are very annoying. Add to that the poor 3G speeds in several parts of New York, I’m not a fan of the company. My overlords at the mothership in Redmond seem to have a solution for me. In Windows Phone 8, Microsoft will introduce a feature called Data Sense that will monitor my data consumption.

The leaked Windows Phone 8 SDK has provided us with a complete look at Windows Phone 8 Data Sense’s feature set—and it’s damn good. Data Sense can be configured for both WiFi & Cellular data. As a monthly data subscriber, I can set Data Sense to turn off background data consumption when I reach a predefined limit and plot my consumption on a pie chart.

In addition to data consumption monitoring, Windows Phone 8 will have a feature just like Opera’s mobile browser. IE will have option to route web pages via Microsoft’s Data Sense servers that will compress or offer cached versions thereby reducing amount of data consumed. Not only does this help the user, it also gives Microsoft a very interesting data point of mobile web usage.

Here are some screenshots:

These screenshots come courtesy the angel who uploaded them to

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