Major Overhaul Coming To Windows Phone 8 Bing
By on July 31st, 2012

Bing is a Microsoft product that gets mixed reactions. On Windows Phone, however, Bing has some great features. Local Scout and Music scanning are two of my favorite and regularly used ones; another feature Bing has is Vision that can be used to scan barcodes. In Windows Phone 8, Bing is all set to get several new features. Microsoft calls Bing the decision engine and not a search engine, according to the SDK leak however, Bing will become an information hub.

In addition to Music, Local Scout and Vision, Windows Phone 8 Bing will have:

  • Personalized suggestions
  • Top headlines
  • Top videos
  • In theater movies
  • Movie ratings
  • Local deals (aggregated form services like Groupon)
  • Improved Local Scout interface
  • My favorite feature—search nearby WiFi spots

Here are some images of the all new Bing hub.

Map WiFi:


Top videos:

The pretty cool movies hub:

Local deals:

Bing Settings:

The screenshots are courtesy someone who uploaded them to

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