Sync Issues between Zune software and Windows Phone 7
By on February 25th, 2011

Sync or Swim performanceWhen you try to synchronize content between the Zune software and Windows Phone 7, sometimes the phone doesn’t show up as a USB mass storage device or the media fails to sync to the phone.

To resolve the issue, you might want to try the basic troubleshooting steps like installing or updating the Zune software, restarting the computer/phone, and avoiding the use of USB hub.

If however, these basic steps do not help, you’ll have to check for specific file errors reflected in the Zune software. Let’s look at resolving those specific errors.

To find the errors, click phone and then click summary. Expand the Not Added section. Click the black exclamation mark on a yellow field (!) next to each file that was not added. This action will open a dialog box that will provide error details.

C00D1193 – Content Has Moved Since Last Sync

Try removing and adding monitored folders. If that doesn’t help, run the Zune Media Collection Reset tool. The tool resets the current state of your Zune media library without affecting any non-Zune-related files or settings on your system.

C00D124F – Not enough space

Easy. Remove files as you’d prefer or erase all content from the phone. 

C00D124D – The phone is not responding to the Zune Software.

Power off the phone and turn it on again. If the phone doesn’t turn off normally, remove/reinsert the battery.

C00D12EC – Too many registered devices.

This happens when you have already synced your Zune collection with three Zune players or phones and you try to sync your Zune collection with a fourth device. You must remove one of the registered phones or players before you’ll be able to sync the content with another.

C00D1365 – Need to check usage rights.
C00D1371 – Need to check usage rights. Please sign in at Zune Marketplace.

Both of these errors refer to Zune Marketplace or Zune Pass subscription issues. Sign in to Zune with your preferred credentials and resolve the problem.

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