Starter Kits for Windows Phone
By on May 21st, 2011

Starter Kits are fully-functional applications designed to be installed and used by actual Windows Phone users. Each starter kit contains the full source code along with documentation to provide you with a complete solution to get you started quickly.

To view and run a starter kit, download the file, unzip the files to a location of your choice, open the solution file, and view the associated documentation. To view the documentation, look for an .htm file with the same name as the starter kit. Right click the file and select View in browser.

Microsoft has also published the apps based on this starter kits to the Windows Phone Marketplace, so if you find any of these useful, head to the Marketplace for download.

Translator Starter Kit

Translator Starter Kit

This program provides the user with the ability to enter a word or phrase in one language and have it translated to another language. The starter kit demonstrates how to call a web service, use an XNA Framework API from within a Silverlight application to play a sound, maintain a history list in isolated storage, and animate an image in a ToggleButton.

Level Starter Kit

Level Starter Kit

This program provides the user with the ability to use their phone as a level. The starter kit demonstrates how to make your application’s color scheme match the user’s theme choice, how to make your Silverlight application interact realistically with the accelerometer of the phone, and how to customize phone orientation sensing.

Unit Converter Starter Kit

Unit Convertor Starter Kit

This program provides the user with the ability to convert values from one unit of measure to another. The starter kit demonstrates how to apply the Model-View–ViewModel design pattern in creating your Windows Phone 7 application, how to optimize your application start up, and how to create a context sensitive menu.

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