Scrabble clone for Windows Mobile
By on September 22nd, 2009

Scrobble is an unofficial port of the popular word game Scrabble for Windows Mobile devices. There are few features like saving your game, adding words to the dictionary, submitting high scores, networked multiplayer, etc. that are missing, but the developer has suspended active development of the same, and so these shortcomings would stay.

Scrobble - Board Scrobble - Players

Scrobble plays exactly the same as Scrabble, with the following differences. During the initial drawing of letters, Scrobble ensures that no player will draw all consonants or all vowels. There are no "challenges" (where one player states another player’s word is not in the dictionary, and the word is then looked up to verify). All words created must be in the Scrobble dictionary. If they are not, the player must modify their move until all words created in the move are valid. Players can use the Look Up Word tool to check as many words as they wish. If they cannot make a valid move then they must pass their turn, or turn in all letters for 7 new ones and pass their turn. At the end of the game, any unused letters in a player’s tray count against that player’s final score, but do not count towards the score of the player who went out first.

Scrobble runs best on VGA-resolution displays of WInMo PocketPCs, but it should also work on QVGA and WVGA displays. Use your device’s d-pad to move the board around so you can see all of it. It requires .NET Compact Framework 3.5 to run. You can download the .cab file from here or read more about the game at the xda-developers thread (free registration required).

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