Mobliza: Answering your text messages for you
By on June 8th, 2009

Mobliza positions itself as the ‘uber texting tool for busy people’. Well, we agree.

Mobliza allows you to auto-respond to people that you’ll call them back. You can also set Mobliza to Auto mode to exchange texts with a contact! Yes, it talks.

Mobliza - Home Mobliza - Away

There are three modes: Mobliza, Auto, and Away. You can talk to Mobliza, ask jokes and random stuff. It’s a time-pass, unless you are a loner.

With Auto mode, Mobliza handles your conversations for you. When your contacts text you, Mobliza would try to have conversations with them! The jokes though can be edgy sometimes 😉 In the Away mode, Mobliza would text your ‘away’ messages. Enter a message you’d like to use, then tap "+". To remove a message, tap "-". You can even insert date, time, and sender name.

Mobliza is quite interesting application, however, not an absolute one; nice concept, loosely implemented. Also, the UI is not very intuitive. It’s a side project from a mobile consultancy, and hence it hurts that it isn’t in much active development.

Mobliza runs only on devices with Windows Mobile 6 Professional or higher, and requires .NET Compact Framework 3.5. Download the application from here, or snap the tag below to download it on your WinMo.


Author: Abhishek Baxi
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