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By on April 18th, 2011


MIX is a gathering of developers, designers, UX experts and business professionals creating the most innovative and profitable consumer sites on the web. This posts lists all the session on Windows Phone at the event..

Ofcourse, you shouldn’t miss the MIX11 Day 2 Keynote by Joe Belfiore and Scott Guthrie for jaw-dropping developer stuff that’s coming next month and also all that’s coming up in the Mango update for the existing Windows Phone 7 devices.

Incidentally, there was also a Windows Phone 7 Bootcamp on April 11 by Adam Kinney and Grant Hinkson. This was a workshop to see a complete Windows Phone app built from the ground up. Recording of this workshop is unfortunately not available.

All Thumbs: Redesigning an Existing UI to Suit Windows Phone 7

This session reports lessons learnt by developers at IdeaBlade while porting a desktop Silverlight application to WP7 keeping realistic phone user goals and behaviors in mind.

Speaker: Ward Bell

Ward Bell is Vice President of Technology at IdeaBlade where he is responsible for the product direction of the DevForce .NET application framework, a product targeting smart client development.

Flickr API: Tap Into Billions of Photos for Windows Phone 7

This talk will introduce the Flickr for windows Phone 7 app, highlighting some of the complex design decisions, and provide insights into the Flickr API methods.

Speaker: Markus Spiering

XNA Game Studio for Fun, Profit, Danger, Excitement and Windows Phone 7 Games

This session will show you how easy it is to get XNA programs running, whether you are a C# and Visual Studio newbie or a grizzled veteran of .NET. You will find out how to use the touch and accelerometer sensors and how to add a smattering of physics to your games.

Speaker: Rob Miles

Rob Miles is a lecturer and Microsoft MVP based at The University of Hull in the UK. He has been working with XNA since before it was released and has been a big fan of Windows Phone 7 ever since he found out he could run his XNA and Silverlight programs on it.

Deep Dive MVVM

This session will show you with a lot of code samples how to build complex interactive applications using proven best practices and powerful tools. It will help you to deep dive in MVVM and explore topics such as navigation, showing dialogs, collecting user feedback, handling multiple views and viewmodels, and more.

Speaker: Laurent Bugnion

Laurent works as Director of UX Integration Development for IdentityMine, one of the leading companies (and Gold Partner) for Microsoft technologies. He is also the author of the well-known open source framework MVVM Light for WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone 7.

Who Would Pay For That Feature? Adding Analytics to Your Windows Phone 7 Applications

Thanks to an agreement between Microsoft and PreEmptive Solutions, Windows Phone 7 developers have free access to a mobile analytics service that monitors and measures application adoption, feature usage, user behaviors, and even exception reporting for both Silverlight and XNA applications. At the end of this session, attendees will know how to instrument their application and track those features most important to their success including how to configure offline-caching, automate opt-in logic, and exception reporting.

Speaker: David Poeschl

David Poeschl is a software engineer and currently works on Dotfuscator, a .NET obfuscation and application analytics tool, at PreEmptive Solutions. His recent focus has been on improving the application analytics experience on the Windows Phone 7 platform.

Application Design for Windows Phone

In this session, Megan shares the foundations of great Metro application design for Windows Phone, and how to use them to build outstanding applications that will stand out and get noticed… for good reasons.

Speaker: Megan Donahue

Top Tips for Building a Successful Windows Phone Application

This session will share the lessons learned working with the first one hundred Windows Phone premier applications. This includes common challenges and difficulties experienced.

Speaker: Stefan Wick

Stefan Wick is a Principal Test Manager on the Silverlight team at Microsoft, responsible for the Silverlight framework on devices.

Rx: A Library for Managing Asynchronous Data and Events in your Windows Phone 7 Application

This session will demonstrate some practical uses of Rx for Windows Phone 7 by building a dice playing game including responding to user interactions, creating gestures from the device’s sensors, and making Asynchronous service calls. In the end you’ll learn how to coordinate pushing data around using Rx.

Speaker: Jim Wooley

By day, Jim Wooley is a consultant for Slalom Consulting. In his free time, Jim is a frequent speaker, member of the INETA Speaker Bureau, MVP, and author of "LINQ in Action".

Building Windows Phone 7 Applications with the Windows Azure Platform

This demo-focused session will cover the end-to-end experience and address how to tackle issues such as authentication, storage, and notification using the Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone 7.

Speaker: Wade Wegner

Wade Wegner is a Sr. Technical Evangelist in the Developer & Platform Evangelism group at Microsoft, where he focuses on the Windows Azure Platform.

Going Mobile with Your Site on Internet Explorer 9 and Windows Phone 7

In this session, Joe Marini will take you through the design and experience principles you need to consider when creating your mobile Web presence, teach you about the exciting new HTML5 capabilities that Internet Explorer 9 on Windows Phone 7 will support, and show you how to give your sites the next-generation features you need to engage your users on their smartphones.

Speaker: Joe Marini

Joe Marini is a Principal Program Manager on the Windows Phone team at Microsoft, where he leads the Web developer efforts for IE Mobile. He has been active in the web and graphics industry for more than 15 years.

Get Ready for Fast Application Switching in Windows Phone

One of the most exciting new features coming to the next version of Windows Phone is the ability for users to switch quickly between running third party applications. Learn how this is going to work, and how to get your application ready now for this new functionality.

Speaker: Adina Trufinescu

What’s Coming Next to the Windows Phone Application Platform

In this session, Andrew Clinick will provide give you a preview of what’s coming in Windows Phone, and how to prepare.

Speaker: Andrew Clinick

What’s New in the Windows Phone Developer Tools?

This swssion will talk about new sensor support in emulator, deep dive on Windows Phone Profiler and much more which will help you being more productive in building highly performing Windows Phone applications.

Speaker: Vibhor Agarwal

Multitasking in the Next Version of Windows Phone, Part I

As announced at Mobile World Congress, Windows Phone will soon have support for the multitasking of third party applications.This will provide a full overview of how this is going to work, and how you can prepare your applications today.

Speaker: Darin Miller

Multitasking in the Next Version of Windows Phone, Part II: Using Background Agents

Later this year, Windows Phone will support the creation of third party applications that can continue to play audio in the background when the user switches away to do something else. This will be a detailed, live coding session.

Speaker: Peter Torr

Windows Phone Architecture: Deep Dive

Windows Phone is a different kind of phone, architected to put the focus on end users while enabling developers to build compelling, connected experiences that enhance the phone. Along the way, this session will demonstrate how these features were brought together to deliver experiences that are responsive and battery efficient.

Speaker: Istvan Cseri

What’s New for Windows Phone Development with Silverlight?

In the next version of Windows Phone, the Silverlight team have taken the lessons of the past year, and substantially improved the framework and runtime from top to bottom. This session will give you the low down on what you’ll see later this year, and how to prepare for it now.

Speaker: Shawn Oster

What’s New for Windows Phone Development with the XNA Framework?

The XNA Framework vastly simplifies the building of cool interactive games on Windows Phone, and in the next release, we’ll be making it even better by adding full Silverlight/XNA interoperability. In this session we’ll show you just how this will work, and how it can unlock a whole new world of end user scenarios for XNA and Silverlight developers alike.

Speaker: Brian Hudson

New Data Access Features Coming to Windows Phone

The next version of Windows Phone will provide third party developers built in ability to create, manage, and access local structured data. This session will provide a complete overview of these features, and how to use them.

Speaker: Sean McKenna

Sensor and Camera Access in the Next Version of Windows Phone

Accessing the sensors of a device is one of the most compelling aspects of programming for a device. In the next version of Windows Phone, we’ll be expanding what you can access, to include the live camera feed, and we’ll be improving and simplifying sensor access across the device. In this session we’ll give you all the details on how this works.

Speaker: Mark Paley

New Technologies for Immersive Content Creation

This session presents two exciting technologies that greatly lower the barrier to creating rich, immersive content. “Rich Interactive Narratives” (RIN) enables weaving together compelling multimedia stories incorporating interactive technologies and “3D Scanning Using an Ordinary Camera” enables anyone to quickly create a realistically textured model from just a few photos of an object.

Speakers: Eric Stollnitz and Joseph Joy

Enhanced Push Notifications and Tiles for Windows Phone

Windows phone has the unique ability to provide the end user direct access to the information they care most about, via Live Tiles. In the next release of Windows Phone, this feature would be substantially improved in order to make it easier than ever for developers to create dynamic, compelling experiences for end users.

Speaker: Thomas Fennel

Thomas is a PM in the Application Platform team in Windows Phone 7 at Microsoft and the owner of the Push Notification feature. He has been with Microsoft for 3 years and in the mobile industry for 10 years.

Making Money with your Application on Windows Phone

There’s tremendous excitement and enthusiasm around mobile application development. The opportunities are enormous, but how do you stand out amongst all the competition? Windows Phone provides several distinctive characteristics that developers can leverage in order to build applications that stand out and provide unique and compelling experiences.

Speaker: Todd Brix

Get Real! Sketch, Prototype, and Capture Great Ideas with Expression Blend and SketchFlow

In this session, you’ll learn to summon the brightest ideas, prototype through problems and examine ways to stitch innovation into the product development process. Learn how to quickly validate ideas, DIY user tests, prototype task flows and sketch your way to the best development process and most impactful user experience with SketchFlow.

Speaker: Sara Summers

Sara Summers is a User Experience Evangelist at Microsoft and has coauthored the recently published book for experience designers, entitled Dynamic Prototyping.

Creating Windows Phone Applications Using Expression Blend

If you want to create applications for Windows Phone that stand out from the rest, you should be using Expression Blend. Watch this session to learn how to take full advantage of the rich platform features, efficient workflow and tools to showcase your unique design skills.

Speaker: Unni Ravindranathan

Analyzing and Improving Windows Phone Application Performance

Been wondering how to tweak that extra bit of performance out of your WP7 app? Come learn how to analyze the performance of your Windows Phone application and make it faster using top techniques and the new profiling tools.

Speaker: Jeff Wilcox

Jeff is a Senior Software Development Engineer at Microsoft, on the Silverlight Phone & Devices Team. A founding member of the Silverlight Toolkit team, Jeff also runs the Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit, created several controls in the Silverlight and Windows Phone SDKs, and wrote the Silverlight Unit Test Framework.

The Tale of Two Apps: Making a Splash in the Windows Phone Marketplace

“Cocktail Flow” and “SurfCube 3D Browser” – two of the top applications in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. This talk is a unique opportunity to hear the real story of these apps, how they made it to the top of the charts and what happened since their launch.

Speaker: András Velvárt and Bálint Orosz

András Velvárt is the owner of Response Ltd, and the man behind SurfCube, the 3D web browser for WP7.

Balint Orosz is a designer and developer specializing in mobile design strategy and user experience.  He and the team at Distinction Ltd. launched the Cocktail Flow WP7 app.

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