Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows Phone 7
By on May 29th, 2011

Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising SDK allows you to monetize your Windows Phone 7 applications and games by including ads from Microsoft Advertising. The ads shown in Windows Phone 7 applications and games are integrated with Microsoft pubCenter for real-time monitoring of how your ads are performing.

When Microsoft Advertising Mobile Ads are integrated into your applications and games, those programs communicate with the Microsoft Advertising Network servers that deliver ads. When these servers return ads to your programs those ads will be rendered within your Windows Phone 7 application or game.

Microsoft Advertising SDK allows you to:

  • Easily integrate text and banner ads into your applications and games.
  • Provide a monetization solution that maximizes in-app advertising revenues.
  • Provide various ad targeting capabilities to deliver the most relevant ads to your users.
  • Seamlessly handle impression reporting.

Microsoft Advertising enrolment is free and 70% revenues go to the publisher (less any taxes, etc.). Currently Microsoft Advertising serves only U.S.-based developers or international developers with a legal US business entity with a US tax identification number.

In Windows Phone 7 applications, the AdControl receives and shows ads from the Microsoft Ad Exchange. In Windows Phone 7 games, the Ad class, along with the AdManager class, receives and shows ads from the Microsoft Ad Exchange.

In order to use the Microsoft Advertising ad delivery system:

  • Create a Microsoft pubCenter account. pubCenter is an advertising publisher management system that enables you to create ad placements and collect advertising revenue.
  • Register your mobile applications and games by using pubCenter. After a Windows Phone 7 program is registered with pubCenter, you will receive a unique mobile application identifier (application ID) for your program.
  • Define and create mobile ad units by using pubCenter; each mobile ad unit will be assigned a unique ad unit identifier (ad unit ID). Each ad placement that is presented is called an ad unit.

The application ID and the ad unit ID identify the ad unit that is delivered to a Windows Phone 7 program and the publisher who will receive credit for displaying the ad.

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