HTC’s 8S Has Bad Specs, To Compete With Lumia 820
By on September 20th, 2012

Once Microsoft and Nokia came together there were several questions raised about how other OEMs would react. The success Samsung and to some extent HTC was seeing due to Android seemed to make things look grim for Microsoft. However, Android’s patent problems started becoming serious. HTC and Samsung already signed patent licensing deals with Microsoft for Android. Then came Apple vs Samsung. A definitive verdict in the US and now we’re seeing what could be called as a result of Android’s patent problems.

At their New York event, HTC unveiled two Windows Phone 8 devices with a lot talk about design and originality. Like Nokia, HTC showed a high-end and a mid-range Windows Phone 8 device. The HTC 8X is a powerful device and competes directly with the Lumia 920. HTC’s second device is the HTC 8S. The distinctive dual-tone color scheme seems interesting in pictures but on paper the device is has very poor hardware. Specs for the 8S are:

The phone will come out around November and anything short of free would be no good reason to get the phone on contract, despite the Beats integration. The name 8S sounds like the iPhone 4S and will be available in the following color combinations:

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