How to Talk To Your Google Talk Friends on Windows Phone 7
By on June 25th, 2011

If there’s one thing that bugs a Windows Phone fan like me, it’s the lack of support of instant messengers. Of course, this would change with the upcoming Mango release.

As of now, there is no official Windows Live Messenger client, although Messenger by Miyowa fills that gap with a limited experience. Also, there is now a way to talk to your Google Talk friends via a third party  application – Jabber Talk.

Jabber Talk - Contacts

Jabber Talk is an instant messaging application that helps you connect to any service running on Jabber protocol like Google Talk. The app is very fast, light, and easy to use and can run under locked screen so as not to sign you out. Your session can remain online after you close the app and you can continue your conversations on resume.

The app allows you to open as many conversations as you want in parallel and receive messages via Push Notifications when the application is inactive. The trial version has all the features as the full version, except it can be run for a limited number of times.

Author: Abhishek Baxi
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  • Kitty Burgers

    Based on everything I’ve actually read about Windows phone to date, I’m wondering what the appeal is. If there isn’t even a WLM available from Microsoft, then there is definitely something wrong.

    • Abhishek Baxi

      As I mentioned in the first line, this one is a pain point, but will be sorted with the Mango release (Great Messaging hub!).

      Everything else is awesome, and holds me as a fan.

  • John

    The Windows Phone 7 sucks in so many ways it is almost worth a law suit. They completely gutted the firmware to get onto the market before Xmas 2010 and these promised upgrades are a long time coming. From Skype and other messaging, to Flash, copy/paste and a whole lot more, they fall very short of hope, nay expectation. I’ve a good mind to start a blog on the buggers, because they certainly don’t seem in much of a hurry to return even a fraction of the software they lobotomised fro WP6…

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