Giveaway: For All Those Who Love Windows Phone…
By on May 16th, 2011
Windows Phone - Ready.Set.

…or just love some swag!

Here’s your chance to win a lot of Microsoft product merchandise – some useful, some fun – and meanwhile spread the word about the giveaway, and the blog. Pretty please?

Why, did you ask? This is the 151st post on the site. Surprised?

In a previous avatar at (domain passed on later), I started writing reviews for freeware Windows Mobile 6.x apps. The blog gained some traction, and few of the whitepapers I wrote were used by Microsoft for support training or marketing materials. There were some exclusive apps released on the site, and some app giveaways too.

And then, Windows Mobile brand made way for Windows Phone, and the change of platform and preferences meant that for several months the blog went in hibernation since no developers or studios were developing WM 6.x apps, and Windows Phone 7 tools had just arrived.

Then, in January of 2011, came into being (Yes, I spent the new year’s eve doing this stuff. I’m lame that way.). All posts from the previous blog were migrated, with almost success, to the Windows Mobile 6.x category on this site, as I focussed on information around Windows Phone 7.

So, to draw a long story long like I did, technically this is the 151st post (65 from WinMo, and 85 here). So? So, the giveaway! Phew.

Let’s have some fun, rather than follow on Twitter or post a comment or bribe me,

Here’s what you got to do:

  • Follow @ILWPin on Twitter (Surprise, surprise!) and tweet this post (shameless publicity!).
  • Share some Windows Phone fan thing – A resource (wallpaper, toolkit, etc.) that you’ve created, a useful tip or trick, a fan video, interesting photo, blog post mentioning this giveaway and your thoughts on WP7… you get the drift? Anything, that has Windows Phone ‘interesting-ness.’
  • Leave a comment with pointers to your ‘doing’.
  • Last date for submissions: May 23, 2011.

Several winners would be chosen for the regular prizes, and a set of judges would then pick the best one of the lot for the winner who takes it all.


  • Windows 7 Ultimate: Steve Ballmer signed Commemorative Edition
  • Microsoft branded T-shirts
  • Random product merchandise – stationary stuff, pouches, laptop sleeves, desk enhancements, et al.

Everything that you share on this site as part of the contest stays your copyright, and would be attributed to you. For any questions or help, post a comment here.


Phew! So many submissions in the last 48 hours. Due to late-breaking word-of-mouth, the last day for submissions has extended to May 26.


The result of the giveaway has been announced here.

Author: Abhishek Baxi
Abhishek Baxi is an independent technology columnist for several international publications and a digital consultant. He speaks incessantly on Twitter (@baxiabhishek) and dons the role of Editor-in-Chief here at Techie Buzz.

Abhishek Baxi has written and can be contacted at

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