Evernote vs OneNote on Windows Phone 7
By on June 18th, 2011

Evernote for Windows Phone 7

Now that Evernote have released their app for Windows Phone 7 app, I got back to the old Evernote versus OneNote debate – the one that I settled in Evernote’s favor during the days of Windows Mobile 6.x. OneNote Mobile on Windows Phone 7 is great, and let’s see how it ranks against the old competition, Evernote.

I’m a OneNote fan and have been using it since many years on the PC. On WinMo, the OneNote Mobile app didn’t allow me to view the notes that I created on the PC, and thus beating the idea of synchronization. I started using Evernote for the synched notes functionality while on PC, I stayed with OneNote.


While OneNote Mobile is part of Office hub on your Windows Phone 7 device, you need to install Evernote app from the Marketplace. Easy enough, and it’s free. While Evernote is available on more platforms that OneNote, that bit is besides the point in this shootout. What’s important is while both apps are free on the device, OneNote is part of the Microsoft Office suite on the desktop which needs to be purchased seperately (All Office 2010 editions include OneNote). Evernote offers paid premium accounts at $5/month offering you more note uploads, support for more file types in synchronization, offline notebooks, search within PDFs, and ability to edit notes on the Web.

Both apps let you take new notes and view existing notes created on your computer or on the Web on your Windows Phone 7. Both Evernote and OneNote Mobile can perform optical character recognition (OCR) for translating your handwriting into searchable notes. This feature was limited to Evernote premium accounts before, but is now available for free accounts as well. Even.

OneNote offers great advantage on a PC by integrating nicely with Outlook and has extensions for Internet Explorer et al, but on the device, Evernote is slick as well.

Evernote for Windows Phone 7 leverages the panorama interface, the pivot panels, Bing maps, and other Windows Phone 7 features and Metro inspiration to give a seamless and rich experience in creating and editing notes and adding audio recording and image to a note. Premium subscribers can also download their notebooks for offline access.

Evernote for Windows Phone 7 is a great app – not just in the note-taking category, but overall in terms of UI and functionality built around the ‘glance-and-go’ sensibility of Windows Phone 7.

I guess till I can find issues with either, I’m continuing using both OneNote Mobile and Evernote for Windows Phone 7.

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Author: Abhishek Baxi
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