Disqus: A Windows Phone Exclusive App Not Built by Microsoft or Nokia? You Heard It Right!
By on March 7th, 2013

This week saw a surprise new app show in the Windows Phone Store. Disqus, the popular commenting system used by many sites, made its app available for Windows Phone. The surprising part is that it is actually a Windows Phone exclusive at this point!

They have said that they do want to make iOS and Android apps but have no plans at the moment. Let that sink in for a bit. A popular service has made a mobile app and it is not on iOS or Android, but it is on Windows Phone. On top of that, they clearly state that they don’t have any plans to make iOS or Android versions.

Windows Phone enthusiasts have been used to such things happening to them for most of the buzz-worthy apps. Typically, “cool” apps launch on iOS, and increasingly they launch on iOS and Android. Rarely do these apps make an appearance on Windows Phone, and even less likely that it would be simultaneously with iOS and Android. So, Disqus is a unique service for sure.

Now, before Windows Phone fans get excited and try to make a single event a trend, this has happened because one of the Disqus employees is a huge Windows Phone fan. This person took it upon himself to build an app for the platform and given how companies allow and encourage such activities nowadays, it was no surprise that it became an official app for the company. Kudos to the developer as well as the company.

The app itself is very nicely done, and it focuses on the community aspect of the service versus being a commenting app. Disqus as a service is of course not just a dumb commenting system, but they envision it to be used for discovering engaging discussions about a variety of topics. With a social network-style “follower” model, it allows its users to contribute across the internet. The point being, one may not be following all the websites pertaining to a certain topic but via Disqus there is a good chance you may be able to find a vibrant community for the topic of your interest.

Here are some screenshots of the app (taken from the app’s Store website):


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