Book Review: Windows Phone 7 Developer Guide
By on February 15th, 2011

Windows Phone 7 Developer Guide

Windows® Phone 7 Developer Guide: Building connected mobile applications with Microsoft Silverlight® is a long name for a book. Ignore that, and this one is a great, practical book for Windows Phone 7 development.

The comprehensive book, with a lot of appendices added, guides you to understand Windows Phone 7 development, get started with developing applications for the phone, and create beautiful and engaging user experiences.

With a practical scenario-based approach, the book provides a pragmatic approach to planning, designing, and building applications around a fictitious company named Tailspin that has decided to encompass Windows Phone 7 as a client device for their existing cloud-based application.

imageThe book is intended for any architect, developer, or IT professional who designs, builds, or operates applications and services for Windows Phone 7. You should be familiar with the Microsoft .N ET Framework, Visual Studio, and Visual C#. Although not a prerequisite, some experience with Expression Blend Silverlight would be helpful.

This book is part of a series on Windows Azure service and client application development. By combining Windows Phone 7 applications with remote services and applications that run in the cloud (such as those using the Windows Azure technology platform), developers can create highly scalable, reliable, and powerful applications that extend the functionality beyond the traditional desktop or laptop; and into a truly portable and much more accessible environment.

However, it is not limited to only applications that run in Windows Azure. Even if you are building applications for Windows Phone 7 that use other types of services (or no services at all), this book will help you to understand the Windows Phone 7 environment, the development process, and the capabilities of the device.

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1 Introducing Windows Phone 7
  • Chapter 2 Designing Applications for Windows Phone 7
  • Chapter 3 The Tailspin Scenario
  • Chapter 4 Building the Mobile Client
  • Chapter 5 Using Services on the Phone
  • Chapter 6 Connecting with Services
  • Chapter 7 Interacting with Windows Marketplace
  • Appendices

Authors: Dominic Betts, Federico Boerr, Scott Densmore, Jose Gallardo Salazar, Alex Homer
Publisher: Microsoft Press
Formats: Print, Ebook (ePub, Mobi, PDF), Safari Books Online
Print ISBN: 978-0-7356-5609-3
Pages in Print Edition: 336

The book is also available online on MSDN Library for free!

Homepage | MSDN Library

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