Adobe Photoshop on mobile. NOT
By on August 5th, 2009

First and foremost, the mobile application – Adobe Mobile beta – is not Photoshop equivalent, but a client for their more recent online photo sharing and editing service

When Adobe comes out with a mobile application, everybody takes notice. However, with their first offering, they have disappointed even their loyalists. It’s even less interesting, since hasn’t really taken off as a photo-sharing service. Mobile Mobile - Options

Adobe Mobile beta lets you easily upload, view, and share photos online from your Windows Mobile device. All you need is a supported WinMo and a free membership. Once you are set, you can upload photos on the go and store up to 2GB of photos there free.

Now there are more than one thing wrong with the initiative. First, it’s too late on the scene. Several other photo-sharing services have upload by email service which a WinMo user can easily use. Also, there are apps like ShoZu which allow upload to multiple services. What is ironic that ShoZu is featured on the homepage as a suggested app for non-supported phones! Second, the app does not allow any editing features, a thing you associate with ‘Photoshop’. With just upload and share feature, the app is a disappointment. Last, the supported handsets are listed as sold by service providers in US, not by their generic names by handset manufactures as they are internationally known.

If you still must try, go to using your phone’s web browser, select your phone model and download of the beta software.

Author: Abhishek Baxi
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