#2InstaWithLove: a Clever Ploy or a Mighty Annoyance?
By on March 7th, 2013

Nokia announced a fun little exercise this week with an intent to get Instagram’s attention. It is called 2InstaWithLove and it involves a Windows Phone app which applies a vintage polaroid filter to a picture and allows one to tweet it out with the hashtag #2InstaWithLove. That way, at least what Nokia is hoping, Instagram will see the enthusiasm among Windows Phone users along with the quality of photos that Windows Phone cameras are able to take, and perhaps be nudged into making an app for the platform.

You see, Instagram has stayed away from Windows Phone for 2 years now. Earlier, when the app was an iOS exclusive and despite solid traction that Android was able to generate, the service stayed away from Android. Since then, the app has made it to Android and now Windows Phone fans do feel left out of the social network. Even though there are many, excellent apps available that do the same things that Instagram does, it is not the same because of the social network involved when one signs up for Instagram.

I personally do not care about the app or the service since I normally share the pictures I take on Twitter if they are publicly shareable, or on Facebook within some of my family groups if they are not publicly shareable. I still desperately want the app to be available on Windows Phone because for a lot of people who plan to switch, it is actually a deal-breaker if the platform does not have some of the key apps and Instagram is one of the top “key apps”. For the platform’s sake therefore, I do really wish that they release the app so it removes the hurdle for people who are tired of iOS or Android and/or people who really like Windows Phone but are hesitant to give up their apps.

As for this experiment, I don’t think it will do much in terms of swaying the company either way. If anything, it may end up annoying the company. Now, I know that revolutions have been sparked via Twitter, but in this case a few thousand tweets is not going to justify the cost of building and maintaining an app. The Instagram team has consistently talked about being lean and being laser-focused on their work and adding a third platform would certainly need the cost-benefit analyses versus a Twitter campaign, to get approved.

I remain hopeful that the app will come sooner rather than later, especially now that Instagram is part of Facebook and could get some funding for building the app.

Some screenshots from the app, from its Windows Phone Store website:

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