Have User Generated Content? Here is What Can Get Your Banned From AdSense? [AdSense Policy Updates]

User Generated Content or UGC is the norm of the day, there are some sites like the Fail Blog and other’s that solely run on user generated content, and blogs like Techie Buzz, where user comments constitute user generated content.

is a big revenue stream for everyone including UGC blogs and regular blogs, however un-moderated UGC may not always be safe for work and may include nudity or links to blogs related to them or for that matter spam blogs.

The Inside AdSense blog posted a few guidelines for User Generated Content, however here is a glaring note on what can get you surely banned from AdSense solely based on user generated content.

As a quick note before we head into the tips, remember that inappropriate content can come in many forms — images, forum posts, comments, links, and so on. For example, adult content isn’t only limited to pornographic images; it can also be sexually explicit forum posts or spam bot comments with links to adult sites, which aren’t permitted by our policies.

So if you run a user generated site, or allow comments on your blog, make sure you follow the above guidelines to the core.

All is not lost for such blogs or websites, you can clearly have a category marked as adult and add those stories there, however you cannot place AdSense codes on those category pages. AdSense policies also bars users from adding AdSense code on adult sites, so if you have a site that only caters to adult content,we highly advise you not to use AdSense on those sites.

Here are some general prevention tips published by the Inside AdSense blog.

  1. Publish clear content guidelines and policies that your users will have to accept and adhere to in order to sign up and use your site’s services.
  2. If you own a photo or video sharing site where users are permitted to upload adult or other non-compliant content, clearly structure your content to avoid placing your ad code in sections/categories containing this type of content. The same idea could also be easily applied to online stores with adult sections or to classifieds sites which offer adult dating classifieds.
  3. Ask users to tag their inappropriate content (e.g. sexually suggestive pictures or videos) as being non family-safe. This can help you perform human evaluations of potentially inappropriate content for AdSense ads. You can also try installing keyword filters for content related to adult topics, violence, or drugs, for instance. While we’re unable to provide you with details about setting up these filters for your site, we recommend searching for terms such as “keyword filtering” or “content filtering” on Google.com.
  4. Implement spambot protection for your comment forms, forums, and guest books. If you need more information on this topic, try a Google search for “spambot protection”.

There are several other things you should be careful for, but yes moderation is very important so make sure you moderate those blog comments and check the links of commentators before approving them.

Tips for maintaining an AdSense-friendly site with user-generated content [Inside AdSense Blog]

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