See The Technologies Behind A Website With Sitonomy

If you have ever wondered what ad-networks your competitor uses or what kind of server technology is used by that popular website, now is your chance to obtain that information for free.

Sitonomy is a web application that lets you see all sorts of technologies that power a particular website. Simply go to and enter the URL of the website. You will be able to see the advertisement networks used by the website, the server technologies, the kind of widgets used, and even the analytics software that are used by the website.

If it is a blog, Sitonomy also tells you about the blogging platform and the subscription tool being used to manage RSS feeds. If the website uses any external libraries such as jQuery, that information will also be listed in the Sitonomy analysis.

Another great feature that Sitonomy offers is the ability to look up alternatives to any of these technologies. Simply click the alternatives link for any technology to see the possible replacements.

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