Affected by Penguin Updates in Google Search? Complain to Google

Google has been playing around with its search results and the lives of several webmasters as well with their updates dubbed “Google Panda”. However, it looks like the reign of Google Panda is now over and it has been taken over by a new bird – “Google Penguin“.

Google Penguin

Google Penguin will attempt to clean up some more spam in Google search results, but it has been bad at best with them messing up several high paying keywords like “make money online” among others.

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The Panda update has definitely caused a lot of webmasters to lose sleep because of dropping traffic and removal from lucrative search engine positioning. Google Penguin is set to compound things further. However, unlike the earlier update, users affected by the Google Penguin update will be able to voice their concerns directly to Google through a form.


If you think that you have been affected by the Google Penguin updates, you can visit this form (which was tweeted by Head of webspam at Google; Matt Cutts) and voice your concern about being demoted or removed from Google search results. The form says;

If your site was affected by the “Penguin” webspam algorithm update on April 24th, 2012, and you don’t think it should have been affected, please give us more details below:

This seems to be the first time that Google is actually accepting direct requests from webmasters about issues regarding search engine penalties. In the past, webmasters could only use forums and webmaster tools to voice their displeasure. However, don’t expect them to go through each and every request, because they might get millions of them from users and it would definitely not be possible to go through them all.

Image credit Matt Cutts via Instagram

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