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If you are using a shared webhosting services, there are pretty high chances that your hosting provider may be allowing several other sites to be hosted on the same server, not that hosting multiple sites on a single server is a problem, but having more than a specified number of websites hosted on a single server, can definitely cause a lot of problems with server performances and website load times.


If you are looking to sign up with a hosting provider, it is pretty essential that you check how many websites are hosted on a single IP address. This indeed is quite a task, since the hosting provider will not tell you the exact number, and there is not easy way to find that out.

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Wait, did we just say no easy way, well we were wrong, turns out that there are several ways in which you can find out how many websites are hosted on a single IP address by a process called reverse IP Lookup, which analyzes a IP address and tells you how many websites are hosted on a particular server, in-fact you don’t need the exact IP address, you can just enter the URL of any website and find out which other sites are hosted there.

IPlocals is a free reverse IP tool will will allow you to check what sites are hosting on your server/hosting package. This is particularly useful with shared hosting where you can discover if your hosting is oversold.


Once you have entered the URL or IP Address you want to reverse lookup, IPLocals will provide you with a list of websites hosted on that server. Looking at those numbers you can easily figure out, if the hosting provider is overselling space on their servers, anything under 20 should be OK, anything above that, you should start looking for a new hosting provider.

Keeping your website up and running is of utmost importance, and tools like these will help you make a decision to whether or not you should swicth hosting providers. If you are looking for a hosting provider, we at Techie Buzz recommend Slicehost, one of the best VPS (Virtual Private Servers) providers available today. Techie Buzz has been running on Slicehost for the last 7 months without any issues, so give it a try if you want some really good servers and excellent customer support.


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