NuCaptcha: A Motion Based Captcha That Is More Human

I can’t even remember how many times a website has refused to accept me as human because I could not read the screwed up words in their fancy Captcha. This is probably one of the main things that aggravates users and forces websites to lose tons of traffic. Even if you think you made out the words right, the website doesn’t accept them and there is nothing you can do about it.

Well, if you are a web publisher, NuCaptcha is a nice alternative. It is a Captcha as well but no twisting, tilting, overlapping, dashing, flying of words to by pass bots. Rather, NuCaptcha has a small video in the background and a couple of words flying in the front. As a test to prove that you are human, you are required to enter only the letters that appear in red which seems to be an easy task since the text is straight and clear.

NuCaptcha can be used with PHP, .NET, Java and comes in many themes such as sports, environment and abstract. The API for your website can be downloaded here. If you need to use NuCaptcha with your WordPress blog, there is already a plugin for that.  Even though its not a game-changing technology, NuCaptcha can help tremendously in improving user experience and traffic while still making sure that your website is safe from bots.

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