Live Tracking Of Your Website Visitors Using Site-Pulse

Google Analytics is a great utility. It has tons of metrics and provide plenty of information about your users. The only feature that is preventing Google Analytics from being perfect is real-time results. Google Analytics is very limited when you require information about the visitors you have on your website right now.

However, there are other applications that allow you to do that and one of them is Site-Pulse. Site-Pulse is not free, but it will definitely be worth your money. Won’t you simply love to see how many visitors are on your website right this moment, and then be able to click any of them and see how they got to your website, which keywords they used, which search engine they used, which geographical location they are from and how did they navigate within your website?

You can even see which operating systems and browsers your visitors are using and see your visitors on Google Maps. You can also try it for free before purchasing a plan, and if you don’t like it, cancel anytime.

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