Outbrain – Excellent Related Posts Alternative For LinkWithin and YARPP

Outbrain LogoI have been a big fan or Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) which also can be used to display images in related posts and also has a in-built template to do it now. However, I had to drop YARPP from the site due to it being database intensive. After YARPP, I started using LinkWithin, which provided a good solution to integrate related posts through a third-party service.

LinkWithin Related Posts Problem

After using LinkWithin for a while I wasn’t that happy with the performance and also got complaints from out team about it using advertising images as post images if none existed in the post itself. (Check screenshot above)

Now, I was trying to find a related posts plugin which did not use internal database resources and was really good. That was when I stumbled across Outbrain. Outbrain is an excellent third-party related posts widget, which works pretty well and also provides users with an option to view post click statistics and also make money by placing links to external sites in the related sites widget.

The click-through rate on Outbrain is pretty impressive too and users usually see a click through rate of anywhere between 3-12%. Another good thing about Outbrain widget is that it blends into your website without having to do any CSS manipulations.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Techie Buzz Recommended Software

Outbrain Related posts widget can be used on WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, TypePad and almost any type of website you have using a JavaScript code. The plus point of this widget is that it does not use your database and is perfect for a high traffic site and that is also provides you with easy stats. Oh and yes it also has a recommendation widget using which people can rate your post.

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  • BlogsDNA is also an alternative

    • BlogsDNA ? wat's dat ?

      • I think what Ashish Mundhra means that a WP plugin to display related post with thumbnail and excerpts made by and applied on BlogsDNA.com (also a blogger from india)

  • Looks nice, are the ratings embedding Google Rich Snippets? How is the widget handling posts without thumbnails or images?

    • I am not satisfied by the pluging .. It showed the pic of author from author box. I am now back to linkWithin

  • Amit Elisha

    @keithdsouza –

    I'm Amit, Outbrain's Product Manager. Thanks a lot for your review! We aspire to show your readers the most interesting posts, which are not always related.

    If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly at amit[at]outbrain[dot]com.

    @Martin – our ratings feature is used to rate the actual content written by the author and not to rate a place, like a restaurant or a movie. This is why they are not embedding Google rich snippets. The ratings help the author get quick feedback about what they write and help our algorithms understand about people's likes and dislikes. You can also get the widget without the ratings feature.

    As for posts without images – we create an image which is a text snippet from the actual post and give it some typographic love to make it look interesting. I'll admit that it doesn't look that good when a few of these appear together in a recommendation set. If most of your posts don't have images, I'd recommend getting our text-only version of the widgets.


  • Outbrain is fantastic. But in my Blog images from my posts are not fetched by outbrain.

  • Keith,

    My feelings are hurt, as the founder of Arkayne, I think you should compare us against Outbrain, YARPP, and LinkWithin.

    Let me know if you get a chance to look over our product. I suggest trying it for a week and you’ll see a 12%-25% CTR. If you score well and follow our suggestions I think you’ll see a 10% boost in organic traffic from other sites.

    I’ll set you up with a full account so you can do a fair comparison against the other guys. Shoot me an email.

  • Hi! I’d used linkwithin for a long time before witching to outbrain (plugin for WP). I noticed that outbrain loads a bit faster than linkwithin, but I have a small problem here: some of my related posts don’t have thumbnail preview, as you can see at the end of this post: http://goo.gl/EF6Ar. I have no idea why ’cause those posts do have thumbnail on the mainpage. How could I fix this problem? I sent a question to outbrain’s support team but they seem so busy. Thanks!

  • rebecca

    Just got Outbrain on my site after your recommendation. Had problems with Linkwithin.
    Excellent widget, highly recommended – easy to use dashboard and quick to set up. Looks great in my site although prefer the text version. Highly recommend it.

  • nice implemented on my blog

  • I agree that Outbrain is the best WordPress related posts plugin (my own detailed review and customization instructions).

    It is just liked LinkWithin but much better. It wont display posts they’ve already read, more plugin options, automatically generates a thumbnail image even if you don’t have any pictures in the post (it’s a cool looking 3D view of the actual text of the article).

  • even I use the same thing for related post widget…it works great..

  • LinkWithin is much slow loading.

  • currently im using nrelate, its a awesome wordpress plugin and is better then yarp and outbrain. what do you think ?

  • thank you for the infomation