How To Make Kontera Ads Open In A New Window

Kontera is one of the leading advertisement solutions for contextual in-text ads. When you implement Kontera ContentLink ads on your blog or website, a lot of relevant keywords get double underlined and clicking on them takes the user to the advertised website. It is a pay-per-click advertising solution that lets you make money from your website without inserting messy and large images.

By default, when a user clicks on these ads, the advertised product or webpage opens in the same window. A lot of webmasters don’t like that and would rather have it open in a new browser window. Here’s a little trick to achieve that without any hassle. Simply add the following line of code to your Kontera code:

var dc_open_new_win = 'yes';

After doing this, your Kontera code will look like following:

This little tweak will open your ads in a new browser window when clicked by a user and help you retain visitors on your website. However, one should be careful in implementing this tweak as some pop-up blockers might create an issue. A good strategy would be to test the website in different browsers and with different kinds of pop-up blockers after implementing this change.

[Via MyDigitalLife]

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