Google Translator Gadget For Translating Your Website

If you write your blog in one language, don’t expect only people who know that language to stop by. Some visitors to your website may not understand the language you write in.

In such cases translation tools help those readers to convert the webpage into a language they understand. This makes reading information much more easy for them.

There are several ways in which you can offer translations to your users. If you are looking for a even better tool, Google has just announced a website translator gadget that is definitely much more smarter than the regular ones right now.

To install the website translator gadget to your blog, visit this page and copy the text to the header of your template.


After you have copied the text to your template upload the file to your server for the changes to take effect.

Once the code is in place, Google will automatically detect the users language based on the browser settings and display an option to translate the page to their language.


Once they click on the translate button the webpage will be translated without the user leaving your site. Google Translate currently supports translation between 51 languages making it a good fit for webmasters with traffic from several countries.

Translate your website with Google [Official Google Blog]

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  • I wanted to use the G Translate widget on my blog, since it supports more languages. But I ended up using the Bing (Microsoft) Translator as the Google widget just didn’t fit in with my theme.

    • @Pallab I don’t actually display the widget unless users click the translate link in the post meta.

      However the good think about this is that users will automatically see the translate bar if they are using a language other than English in their browser settings

  • William

    Thanks for your article. I just use the google translate tool. I thinks, it is the best translate tool of the world but it not perfect to translate the language.

  • I made a friendly tutorial about on how to install Google translator for your blogs or website, anyways I thought it would help and drop here to share it, you may go to this link: How to add Google Translate Button on your Blog

  • how i can translation in Joomla

  • does this have any effect on SEO? I have seen some translation plugins for wordpress etc and wonder how effective they may be. Is this simply just translation on the fly and for the spiders that come along they do not run the translation therefore no translated pages are indexed?