Google PageRank Update June 2011 Rolling Out

Google PageRankGoogle is rolling out a new PageRank update to websites as we speak. This is the second update of Google PageRank in this year. Google had also rolled out updates to PageRank in January 2011.

I have seeing a lot of webmasters tweeting about PageRank updates and most of them seems positive. Google has been making several changes to their search engine lately and have heavily penalized websites through Panda updates. We had written about mistakes you should avoid if you are trying to recover from Panda algorithm.

In addition to banning some big sites, the Panda update also managed to push scraper website on top of search results, however, those problems have reportedly been fixed with the new Panda 2.2 update.

Even though PageRank is not a very important in ranking sites in search engines, sites with higher PageRank are often trusted more. If you have been seeing some drastic traffic loss, a positive PageRank update could mean that Google still sees your site authoritative. However, you might want to avoid making simple mistakes and get penalized.

Did you see a PageRank update for your website? Feel free to share your rankings through your comments.

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  • Thanks for letting me know about the page rank update. I had checked the page rank of my site today and happy to see that it has changed from 1 to 2.

  • My page rank has increased from 1 to 4. Thanks Google:)

  • This is a good news…My three months old site is now PR3 !

  • Hi. I am very happy with the new google pagerank update june 2011. I launched my site just two months back and now it has gained PR2. The inner pages have PR3. Please check out my site. Cheers

  • Kishore

    The website I am working for had a PR = 1, now after the New update’s it’s = 4 (


    Google PR update for June 2011 have just roolled out and my blog got Pagerank 2. :D

  • i saw the update of pagerank on 27th, june, even a blog post can have a pagerank 2, it seems amazing.There must be something changed in the google pageranking system.

  • This is a great news… All my websites came from 0 to 4 or 5 :)

  • Yes I saw some pretty impressive changes, the best went from page rank 0 to page rank 4. One or two that I haven’t been paying attention to dropped by a rank. Only to be expected really. I only use free traffic and white hat techniques so it goes to show with perseverance you can get a good rank. The Panda changes are working for me.

    • Can you help with my link building?

    • I have one jump from 0 to 5 :) Others went from 0 to 4 or 1 to 4 :)

  • 3 of my websites have major positive effects in their page rank update. From zero to three in that small ammount of time aint something to throw away.

    Feels good to be loved by Google

  • I see all the posts below and a new site going to a PR of 3 blows my mind. Can those who have done well after this update (I dropped) tell me what they have done for links to their sites?

  • Thanks for the updates Keith, blog 4 months old blog PR of 2 first time. I was expecting atleast 3 but still i’m happy.

  • My website upgraded to pagerank 3. i think Google change their PageRank Algorithm. Because my blog have some few visitors and there is not enough good backlinks to get pr 3. But last month I get a backlink from pr 8 site.

  • I got PR3 from PR0

  • My site dropped from 5 to 2…
    Bad news for me… But I realized that I dont need to buy the site based on PR….

  • I am so much happy after increasing my site’s page rank from 3 to 4…I have read all the comments above. Most of sites have jumped from 1 to 4. Congratulations a lot all of you and thanks a lot Google for this true honor.

  • Based on the results Google Pagerank update on June 27, 2011 have proved my guess that the traffic is not a parameter that determines to a blog worthy of ranking from Google. The proof is a new blog that I created 3 months ago finally get a special gift pagerank 2. Quality backlinks and SEO optimization are two things that should be considered if we want to get high pagerank. Cheers :D

  • Coolkid7

    I have two websites. One that I update more than the other. The one that I expected to get a high pagerank stayed the same and the one that I didn’t expect to go anywhere jumped up by two. Does anyone know if google is still in the process of updating the pagerank?

  • Well I have seen an increase in traffic since the latest update in pagerank.

    I have several sites that has got a positive increase in pagerank.

    One has gone from 0 to 4, another one from pr 1 to pr 4, two sites has gone from 2 in pr to 3 and also one from 1 to 3 in pagerank. I so must something right. ;o)

    But I have also seen big sites getting hit by a decrease in pagerank, which now gives smaller sites a chance to be seen.

  • We saw a MASSIVE increase in PageRank. We have very strong in-house SEO, and we managed on our own to get up to a PR5 for our main page, with a lot of PR4 and PR3 throughout the site. Last week, we checked our PR, and we had risen to an 8 on our main page, and 6’s all throughout our site. Does anyone know how long the update will be in process, and when it’s “safe to celebrate”?

  • hey hi everyone..
    get google page rank is very hard and long a way
    You have to keep write and write or add some good contents in your web site and ofcourse get nice qualty backlinks from out or inside website !!
    inside backlinks are first class backlinks in web world. That means search enginees looks your web site like this ” oh yeah this website is working on hard, let we check and visit often ”
    try it and you will see whats difference..;) bye

  • So, our celebration has been cut short, as we half feared/expected. While we are still up a point from where we were before, we had originally gone up 3. We had a PR5 on our main page. Then, after this update, a PR8. Now we’re at a PR6. The rest of the pages on our site experienced similar increases and then decreases.

    Did anyone else experience a similar rise/fall?

  • You say that “Even though PageRank is not a very important in ranking sites in search engines, sites with higher PageRank are often trusted more.”

    As you say, websites with higher PageRank are trusted more.

    I believe that HomePage PageRank is the top factor in the Google algorithm; the PageRank of the competing page is of minimal if any consequence. The second factor is a boost that Google gives to the effective PageRank of a HomePage when the HomePage is competing for a keyword.

    There is a minimum value HomePage PageRank that can be determined for any keyword that will let you know if a website has any chance of top page positioning. Its chance of success depends primarily on that website’s HomePage and whether the HomePage or an internal page are competing for the keyword. HomePages that are targeting a keyword are more likely to succeed than an internal page on the same website.

  • Google flushed away my happiness in few days. In june pr update my page rank was gone directly to pr2 from 0 and in a month i noticed a downfall in the rank. it is now pr1. No idea of what happened with google algorithm. :-((

  • utubetrain

    Yes my site went from 0 to pagerank 2, but I need a 4