Google Analytics March 15 Traffic Drop? Not a Farmer Update Issue

As I was looking through my stats for yesterday, I saw a huge drop in traffic. Though most of the other statistics tool I use reported proper numbers.

Google Analytics March 15 Traffic Drop

I sent out an update on and @Blogsdna responded back that he is seeing similar issues with the Analytics for yesterday. It looks like Google Analytics has had some issues with traffic reporting for several blogs from yesterday.

If you see a huge drop in traffic for Google Analytics for March 15, 2011, it is not because you are hit with a farmer update penalty algorithm rolled out by Google recently. It is because of a glitch in the Analytics reporting software.

However, if you are seeing a long term traffic drop you might have been penalized. I had written up some instructions on how to find if you have been penalized by Google. Do check it out if you are seeing a consistent drop.

I have reached out to Google for a statement regarding this and will update this post.

Update: Google responded back and said that it was a known issue. The Analytics Dashboard page has more information about this.

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