Dreamhost Down, Takes Down Millions of Websites With it

It looks like the popular shared hosting website Dreamhost is down and not working. Apparently, the outage is so huge that even the website Dreamhost.com and their admin panel at panel.dreamhost.com seems to be down.

Dreamhost hosts millions of websites on their server and this seems to have caused all of them to be inaccessible for now.

Additionally, several other sites which run on Dreamhost is down as well. We have an outage on our own cache servers too. There is no update from Dreamhost about this on their status website (http://status.dreamhost.com)

We have contacted Dreamhost to find out more about this outage and will update this post once we have more information.

Update: Dreamhost has posted updates saying that most of its customer accounts should be working fine. However, the web panel and dreamhost.com continues to remain inaccessible right now.

Story developing…

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  1. I was, at one time, a big fan of Dreamhost because of their great pricing and support. However, things seem to have changed lately. All of this unexpected downtime is killing me. It’s never good to have clients calling me asking why their site is down, only to find it’s another notorious Dreamhost outage. Will be looking for an alternative.

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