Disable Right-Click On Your Webpages With Aevita

It is a continuous struggle for webmasters to prevent their content from being stolen. You never know when one of the users would right-click on your web page and do a “save image as” to download images or other content that you spent so much time putting together. Even though, nothing can provide you 100% protection against such violations, Aevita is a tool that can help tremendously!

Once installed on your website, Aevita disables the right-click option on your pages so people cannot steam images and other multimedia. It is easy to set up on any HTML file and doesn’t require you to write any code. It works on any java enabled browser and supports .htm , .html and .txt pages. The setup wizard makes it simple for you to choose from various optional features like disabling opera users, displaying warning messages, inserting copyright notice e.t.c.

Aevita also prevents others from viewing and reusing your source code and scripts. The protected pages appear exactly like the original pages but make it nearly impossible for anybody to get access to the images or code behind a page. The best of all things, Aevita is 100% free to use.

You can download Aevita here.

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Tehseen Baweja

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