Backup Your MySQL Database To Email With Backup2Mail

Disasters are just around the corner waiting to happen without any intimation, and due to ignorance many of us have lost enormous amounts of data and also spent lots of money to recover things we would have better off keeping of.

A blog or website is no different, you update it regularly and have written 1000s of articles, but what if there is a hardware crash? What if there is a problem with your server? Do you have ample backups to fall back on?

In the past we have written a tutorial on how you can backup your blog in less than 10 seconds and some more options to .

However we came across another interesting script that will allow you to your MySQL DB and email it to you for future use.

Backup2Mail automatically creates regular backups of your database and sends them to your mailbox on a given schedule, the script is PHP based so you can install in on any blog or website.

The author of the script also has a set of instructions to get you started, however you will need to have the ability to setup cron jobs to schedule database backups to be emailed out to you on a regular basis.

Definitely a must have script for webmasters who care about their data and want to be prepared for any unforeseen disasters lurking around the corner.

Download Backup2Mail [via Ghacks Tech News]

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  • Nice find but its setup is quite difficult.

  • Interesting

    This is both unsafe and unnecessarily complicated.

    You could write a script to mysqldump your database over rsync/ssh faster than it takes to download, install, and configure this — and your data would be encrypted.

    Email is not a file transfer protocol. It’s also not wise to trust data that is processed by arbitrary MTAs; you have no control over how these servers re-encode attachments or file sizes.

  • been using the default wordpress backup plugin to send me emails of my database. bookmarked this one, gonna send some time with it after this movie im watching.

    hmmm honestly I read your site more often than anyone elses since it pops up on facebook :D
    just need a direct link on FB to access the post rather than visit the homepage then search for the post