Stunning Windows 7 Wallpapers

A nice wallpaper is always a refreshing thing to look at between work. For some, it provides inspiration and determination, for others, its just a piece of good looking graphic. Whatever different thoughts maybe, a good wallpaper always increases the appeal of your desktop.

Windows 7 is just at the corner, with many people already trying out the RTM. We thought it would be cool idea to showcase some of the best Windows 7 wallpapers around from the community and artists worldwide to the official ones. So without further ado..

Community Developed Wallpapers

Windows 7Windows Seven Wallpaper by Rehsup

Windows 7 ImaginationWindows 7 Imagination by Gigacore

77 by Nyolc8

Energy Flow Energy Flow by Gyppi

Windows 7 WallpaperWindows 7 by Rehsup

windows_7_by_setheichelWindows 7 by Setheichel

Windows Seven GlowWindows 7 Glow by DjCorny

Brand New Windows 7Brand New Windows 7 by Killer7Ben

WindowsWindows by Jjgii90

w7Windows 7 Style by nyolc8 (Wallpaper pack)

winsvn-wppb Windows 7 by Maoractive (Wallpaper pack)

Windows Seven Windows Seven by Youness-toulouse

Windows Seven GleamWindows 7 Gleam by DjCorny

Windows 7Windows 7 by Bezem049 (Wallpaper pack)

Windown 7Windows 7 by Yethzart

Windows 7Windows Se7en by Frnak (Wallpaper Pack)

Windows 7 Official Wallpapers

The official and complete set of Windows 7 wallpapers will only be released when Windows 7 itself releases but Microsoft has been putting in new wallpapers into Windows 7 with every new release. So we currently have a good set of Windows 7 Official Wallpapers, although new ones may be added later.

Here are some of the official wallpapers currently available. Scroll down to download all of them in a zip pack.

Windows 7

Windows 7

Boab Trees on Kimberley Plateau

Downtown Sydney and Waterfront


ยป Download Zip Pack (117 Wallpapers 1920×1200 100Mb)

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