IE8 UK Commercial Ad Videos

Based on a EU judgment, Microsoft recently rolled out the browser ballot system in European countries, however, they are not the one’s to let up on the market share that easy, and have rolled out a series of new advertisements in the United Kingdom to keep users hooked on to Internet Explorer 8.

I did find some of the commercial videos on My Microsoft Life. These videos are only 8 seconds in length, so I was wondering what Microsoft was thinking about them.

I understand that it is a webmasters goal to load webpages in 8 seconds or less, but that is because they want users to start reading the content in that time, not understanding it. So Microsoft’s thinking in these 8 second ads goes beyond me, even though I understand that it is in theme with "Internet Explorer 8", I found the 30 second Google Super Bowl ad more interesting.

Check out the advertisements for IE8 being shown in UK right now.

More info on this can be found on the Official 8 second promotion site for IE8.

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