Skype iPad App Coming Soon

It appears that the incredibly popular video chatting application Skype is finally making its way to the iPad. While that news isn’t very surprising, the fact that Skype confirmed it to TUAW is.

After a video of the upcoming Skype iPad App leaked out earlier today, the Apple bloggers began digging and speculating on what it meant. Some rightly questions the legitimacy of the the video, while others began questioning the team at Skype. TUAW got ahold of Rick Osterloh, the VP of Consumer Product Design at Skype, to ask him about the pending app.

According to the post, the feature list for the Skype iPad app is pretty complete when compared to the PC/Mac app, with a few exceptions. The most notable missing feature is file sharing, which reportedly wasn’t feasible to implement at this time.

It has been speculated since the announcement of the iPad 2, with its built in cameras, that Skype would release an app designed specifically for the tablet. If the video is legitimate, then what they have at this point it absolutely stunning.

Skype iPad App Coming Soon

There is no official word on a release date for the app, but we will certainly post when that information becomes available. As of now, the rumors are that Apple is due to approve the Skype app anytime. Expect to see it in the App Store very soon.

Ubuntu Developers Week – Announcement and Schedule

The Ubuntu Developers Week is just around twenty days from now.

A series of workshops will be conducted  at the one week event giving developers and Ubuntu lovers an insight into the workings of the most popular Linux distro.

Ubuntu developers Week
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The week will be of special interest to developers as there will be discussion on Django – the python web framwork and ways to use it to deliver good websites, a lot on sofwares and secure software development, packages and repositories and new hacks and mods unveiled by key Ubuntu gurus.

If you want to join any of the sessions, join #ubuntu-classroom on the IRC channel

There is also an open discussion section where you can talk in lie with Ubuntu developers. Do not miss out this opportunity.

If you are not very well versed in English,  there are LoCo members to help you out with translations from Danish, German, Spanish, Finnish and Catalan.

For more information and updates, visit the wiki page on Developers Week 2009.

Microsoft Office 14 Leaked Screenshots

Microsoft Office 2007 had several improvements with the introduction of the now famous ribboninterface, which revealed several functionalities and grouped them under similar categories.

microsoft_office_14_about  microsoft_office_14_word1

However Microsoft Office 14 which is scheduled for released next year, adds is making news these days and there are several screenshots floating around the Internet.

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