5 Honest Reviews for the Top Free iPad Games

The most downloaded  apps are inevitably the games. As soon as I was in  possession  of my new and sleek iPad2, my kid brother (the gaming pro) immediately took over and started downloading games. As I always  appreciate  his input for online games, I have used his  expert  comments in this post as well. Many thanks Fran.

Here is our list for the Top 5 Free Games for the iPad

1. Metal Storm: Wingman

Metal Storm: Wingman has excellent graphics. You actually get the feeling that you are flying a fighter plane in a dogfight against a rival. The game’s controls are sensitive enough to allow you to move into a specified direction without any fuss. The  sensitivity  of the controls can either be reduced or increased based on your specifications. The “Automatch” feature allows you to play with a randomly-selected player  who is also logged on to the game from any part of the world.

Things that the creators could do to improve the game:
The inventory  of planes, missiles, and cannons is sorely lacking. Also, the number of players allowed in the multi-player mode should be increased as the current allowance of a maximum of two players in a dogfight becomes a yawn if played over a long period of time.  The “Game Campaign”, which is the story mode of the game, is extremely short and lacks a proper outline. The difficulty level should be improved as targets can be easily  destroyed by an amateur.


DLF IPL has wonderful  flexibility as it allows  you to fiddle with the player’s field placement and other game controls (that are very responsive).  Also as  ergonomics has been taken into account,  you don’t have to break your fingers to pick the direction that you choose to play or on how you want the player to deliver the ball.  This game is very simple and straight  forward.

Things that the creators could do to improve the game:
The graphics of the game is a big let down. The player and background images are distorted. There is  no multi-player option in this game.  The full version of the game costs USD  4.99, which is honestly overpriced. It is wiser to go for the free version of the game.

3. World Cup Table Tennis

World Cup Table Tennis is probably one of the best games available  on your iPad  for Table Tennis aka ping pong. You play with competitors from different countries (that is actually the iPad processor) based on the level of proficiency that you attain. The controls are easily learnt and allow you to form your winning technique and tricks. It is one of the most downloaded ping pong games.

Things that the creators could do to improve the game:

The game lacks the multi-player option.

4. Angry Birds

i. Angry Birds HD

Angry Birds HD is fun to play and exercises your grey-matter a lot ( as a lot of logic is required to get rid of the concrete, wood, and ice blocks). My brother finds this game interesting. He says, “this game is not a walk in the park like most of the other games I have played. Also, the difference in the features available between the free and paid version is very limited, and hence the free version is a real catch.”

Things that the creators could do to improve the game:
The graphics of this game are quite poor; the images lack sharpness. Also, the lack of variety of characters in this game give it a dull and boring edge as the same characters are used and abused over and over again.  The number of levels available in this game are very limited causing the game to end quickly.
ii. Angry Birds Rio  (BONUS Review)

Angry Birds Rio differs from Angry Bird HD in the fact that it requires you to be the rescuer (primarily) versus the destroyer (as is for Angry Birds HD). You have to save the birds from their mean little cages and destroy some annoying monkeys too. The story line (there actually is one) is a comic-book style. The extensive use of flash, specially visible in all the small touches that are shown, makes this game a crowd-pleaser.

5. Contract Killer

Contract Killer is a treat for all you gaming expert-hitmen. The graphics and story line, while not refreshingly new, are funny and provide the comfort of a familiar sniping game.  In this world of mobsters and hitmen, the more cold blooded your shot, the better are your chances of raking in the moolah. But beware, nothing is as it seems, and as likely as you are to get a hit, equally certain is the  possibility  that you will be the target of a hit as well. You have to check this game out everyday as a bonus awaits for those that do.

Things that the creators could do to improve the game:

This is a very heavy game. It will gooble up space in your memory.

Note: Some  images  are used from the iTunes store.

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