Ubuntu Open Week

We already covered Ubuntu Developer Week about a month ago, which was an effort by the senior Ubuntu developers to get more community members involved in Ubuntu development.

The Ubuntu Open Week is a effort on similar lines. The primary aim of this initiative is get more and more members of the ever-growing Ubuntu commnunity to pariticipate in taking the Distribution to higher levels.

This year at the Ubuntu Open Week, Mark Shuttleworth is himself going to present for a Q&A session. It would be interesting to see what the end-users and fanboys have to ask him this time and what plans he has for the forthcoming releases.

With Ubuntu veteran Daniel Holbach holding sessions on getting new developers started on Ubuntu development and bug fixing, there is yet another name in the list.

Jono Bacon, Ubuntu’s Community manager and the author of the book , “The Art of Community” is also taking a couple of sessions including the Introductory one on 2nd November.

Some interesting topics that are to be covered this year are:

  • Be your Neighbour’s Ubuntu guru
  • Scratch your own itch, learn how to write your own App
  • Ubutnu One
  • Ubuntu Moblin Remix
  • Making   Screencasts
  • Intro to GIMP

Most of the topics are for absolute beginners, but still it is fun to hang out in the IRC chatrooms and “see the drama unfold”.

As usual, the IRC chatrooms will be hosted on the free irc.freenode.net server. The #ubutu-classroom is for listening to the presentations/tutorials and the #ubuntu-classroom-questions rooom is for asking questions.

This seems to be a very promising and fun week. Hope to see some Techie-buzzers in the chatrooms.