Ubuntu One Music Store is Official

The Ubuntu One Music Store will be available by default with Rythmbox music player in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx. The music store will have awesome plugin support as well.

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One shortcoming here is that very few of us actually use Rythmbox. I have spent a larger part of my life looking for alternative music players and have settled for Amarok. So, the Music Store will probably be a widely known but less used feature.

The Music Store will be powered by 7Digital which offers a large selection of songs without DRM protection. This makes them an instant hit with many people who hate DRM. The songs purchased through the music store will be available in a 256 Kbps bitrate and will be of high quality. The store has a variety of payment option and buying music is a lot easier. The user can search for a particular track by artist, genre, album and track.

The service requires us to have a Ubuntu One account and all purchases are made through the account. The account is available for free and offers a cloud backup of 2 GB. This can synchronize all our data across computers. Another interesting fact is that each song can be downloaded three times on different computers.

As more and more users are getting interested in this, they are questioning the lack of flac and ogg formats. I guess, MP3 is the way of the world and the rightful choice.

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