Ubuntu 9.10 New Features

Ubuntu 9.10 was released a few hours back. The release comes with new features. The promising ones are:

Use of GRUB2:

GRUB2 is available in the Karmic Koala final release. It has completely replaced GRUB. The new bootloader has been re-written from scratch.

Use of ext-4 file system:

ext-4 is the default file system for the new version of Ubuntu. Options for using the earlier file systems are also present.

Better installation process:

A better installation is included as against the earlier boring installation. The new installation shows general information while the installation proceeds.

Boot Splash:

The boot screen or the boot splash screen has been completely changed. It looks much classier now.

Software Center:

Instead of the initial add-remove software, we now have a software center to serve all your software needs.

New wallpapers:

A new set of wallpapers has been included for a change.

These are some of the  improvements that are visible during common usage of Ubuntu Linux.

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  • But many users report lot bugs now, so I have to stay and wait and keep use 9.04 now.

  • I downloaded and installed Karmic today and I must say that it’s the best Linux yet. Intrepid was a failure and Canonical has bounced back with great back-to-back releases with Jaunty and now Karmic. However, I can’t see using it over Windows 7, which just totally blows any Linux and every Linux away. Still, a step in the right direction for Ubuntu… :]

  • Hi,
    Please share some screen-shots and a detailed list of changes, in your perspective, that enhances the usability of the OS

  • dumped it
    numerous reboot probs – went back to linux mint 7 (works like a dream – mint4win)

  • thanks for sharing the feature what is improved in Grub2 well Grub works fine

  • 3Q

    Ubuntu is just getting better and better, and I see that with each release the gap between Ubuntu and Microsoft’s offerings is getting narrower and narrower. Personally I am not going to upgrade to Win7, but will keep using XP for the next year or so before upgrading to the latest version of Ubuntu.

    • Yes. And the improvements in Ubuntu were good enough to generate a lot of buzz, the boot time and the Software Center. Ubuntu has come a far way. From 8.04, this is a major improvement.

  • Yes pls add few screenshots too.

  • lat week i got the free Ubundu CD, wish to install it.

    • Its Ubuntu, not Ubundu. Anyways, try out the free CD and tell us how you find it. You will notice the out of the box support for many of your hardware components. Enjoy.

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