Ubuntu 9.10 New Features

Ubuntu 9.10 was released a few hours back. The release comes with new features. The promising ones are:

Use of GRUB2:

GRUB2 is available in the Karmic Koala final release. It has completely replaced GRUB. The new bootloader has been re-written from scratch.

Use of ext-4 file system:

ext-4 is the default file system for the new version of Ubuntu. Options for using the earlier file systems are also present.

Better installation process:

A better installation is included as against the earlier boring installation. The new installation shows general information while the installation proceeds.

Boot Splash:

The boot screen or the boot splash screen has been completely changed. It looks much classier now.

Software Center:

Instead of the initial add-remove software, we now have a software center to serve all your software needs.

New wallpapers:

A new set of wallpapers has been included for a change.

These are some of the  improvements that are visible during common usage of Ubuntu Linux.

[ Via earth-hacks ]

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