Ubuntu introduces new online storage and syncing service

Pretty soon after the Ubuntu 9.04 release, the Canonical Group launches Ubuntu One – a service to store your data online and sync between multiple Ubuntu computers. It is seen as a step to take Ubuntu to more people and project Ubuntu as a viable & productive platform.

The service is currently in invitation-based Beta mode, which requires you to have an invite to use/test it. To request an invite, you need to have a Launchpad account and sign in at Ubuntu One and wait for a confirmation mail.

Key Features

  • Synchronize your files between multiple Ubuntu computers
  • Easy access to the stored files. A web interface is available.
  • Free account: 2 GB storage.
    Paid account: $10/month for 10 GB.

It works pretty much like Dropbox & Syncplicity (You can win a 50 GB Syncplicity account worth $99, as part of our Birthday Bash).

Ubuntu One requires Ubuntu 9.04 or greater, with a high speed internet connection and standards-compliant web browser like Firefox.

[via UbuntuGeeks]

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