Simple Scan :for simple scanning in Ubuntu Lucid

Canonicals is working hard on it’s Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx. The next release of the Ubuntu distro will bring new and exciting features and some new software. The latest in this list, is software which makes scanning of documents simple and easy. The application is simply named “Simple Scan”.

Robert Ancell is the lead developer behind Simple Scan and the application has recently been accepted to be included in Ubuntu 10.04. Not only does it allow scanning of images, you can also attach them to your favorite email client in a few clicks.

Simple scan is the simplest and easiest alternative to other software ,which allows you to scan and doing an array of other things. The application has been written in C. The development page gives more information on download, release dates and bug fixes.

Besides scanning, Simple Scan has some intelligent features, like saving files as image sequences and pdf files. You can also crop images before saving them. These features come in very handy when scanning books and multi-page documents.

Though utterly simple,Simple Scan is not the best scanning software. If you are interested in some advanced options, you might find Simple Scan extremely restrained. In that case, you can go for XSane as an excellent alternative.

[ Via: Starry Hope ]

2 thoughts on “Simple Scan :for simple scanning in Ubuntu Lucid”

  1. I hope the Intel regression issue which is present with the Ubuntu 9.04 and Ubuntu 9.10 will be resolved permanently with this next release of Ubuntu. Please tell this to the Ubuntu developers and to Mr. Shuttleworth. Thanks

  2. Xsane is one of the best programs in Ubuntu. Its so much better than scanning programs on Windows or Mac. I find it simple enough.

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