How To Restore Grub in Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala

A common problem many users face after installing either Linux or Windows on a system when the other is already present is an override of the default boootloader. Without a bootloader, the system is clueless about where to get boot data from. In such a case, you can try these simple steps to restore your grub menu with all the Operating Systems present in the list.

  • Boot from Ubuntu 9.10 or any Ubuntu 9.10 derivative live CD ( the CD from which you installed Ubuntu).

  • After the boot is complete, press alt+F2 to open a terminal.

  • Enter the command fdisk as
    sudo fdisk -l
    This lists all the partitions as shown.

  • Mount the drive marked as Linux under System ( the last column) using the command
    sudo mount “device” /mnt
    Replace “path” with the corresponding device ID under the Device Boot section. So, for the given screen-shot,
    my command will be
    sudo mount /dev/sda12 /mnt

  • After the mount is successful, ¬†install grub with the command
    sudo grub-install –root-directory=/mnt “path”

  • Unmount the drive with
    sudo unmount /mnt

Now, restart your system. Your grub will be restored with both Windows and Linux in the menu.

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