Photoshop, iTunes and Evernote to appear on Ubuntu?

A recent post at ubuntufurums has posted a survey which asks users to vote on a survey. The survey asks for choices of software which should be available in Ubuntu by default. Surprisingly, this survey includes closed source and paid software like iTunes and Photoshop respectively. The survey was started by the admin at ubuntuforums and is the first time that users are allowed to have a choice in including software.

But, the question here is, how are those applications going to be available? Is it through Wine or through the repositories or are there Debian packages being manufactured for these softwares? That would be a point of interest for those who use these softwares for windows. Also, if they are available as paid software and third-party apps anyway, do we have to pay for them or are they available for free? If free will they have all the features or they will be some stripped down versions? Too many questions, no answers at the moment.
Also, this survey seems a bit contradictory as the application Gimp had plans of removal owing to its huge size. So now, if they include Photoshop wont it face the same questions? Or are they choosing it over Gimp, and still trying to make it look good? Time will tell.

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