Photoshop, iTunes and Evernote to appear on Ubuntu?

A recent post at ubuntufurums has posted a survey which asks users to vote on a survey. The survey asks for choices of software which should be available in Ubuntu by default. Surprisingly, this survey includes closed source and paid software like iTunes and Photoshop respectively. The survey was started by the admin at ubuntuforums and is the first time that users are allowed to have a choice in including software.

But, the question here is, how are those applications going to be available? Is it through Wine or through the repositories or are there Debian packages being manufactured for these softwares? That would be a point of interest for those who use these softwares for windows. Also, if they are available as paid software and third-party apps anyway, do we have to pay for them or are they available for free? If free will they have all the features or they will be some stripped down versions? Too many questions, no answers at the moment.
Also, this survey seems a bit contradictory as the application Gimp had plans of removal owing to its huge size. So now, if they include Photoshop wont it face the same questions? Or are they choosing it over Gimp, and still trying to make it look good? Time will tell.

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  • Indian Art

    Hey Chinmoy,

    Thats an interesting choice from the people voting at Ubuntufurums. Photoshop, itunes and Evernote,… Hmmmm..

    I have installed Evernote on Ubuntu in Google Chrome as an extension.

  • Gimpalltheway

    Gimp had plans of removal owing to its huge size

    What? This is the second time I've seen this, last on the Gimp to be removed article. Seems to me there has been a nice plug for Photoshop in all this. Perhaps Ubuntu is looking for some extra $$, I don't know.

    Now some FACTS..

    Gimp-17.4 MB

    CS4-463.59 MB



    Gimp-Inkscape-Cinepaint- still FREE

    CS4 Extended-$999.00

    Gimp has been used in many movies including Hulk, Stuart little 2, Shreck 2, and many others and can be used as a professional editor just as PS can.

    Now, if they decide to start supporting other software, that's fine, and a good thing in some ways, however, if saying things like Gimp is too large, etc… is the means they are taking to do so, then they have truly stepped on the whole freeware foundation because it's simply NOT true.

    • The Gimp was NOT removed because of it's size! It was removed because the average user only uses the GIMP for photo-editing, a purpose already served by F-Spot – making the GIMP overkill. Hence it was removed from teh default lineup.

      As for this survey, the author has FAILED to point out that in the original post by Matthew Helmke (who is conducting the survey) he points out that this list is neither INDICATIVE or DEFINITIVE – this is simply a survey to find out people's opinions, not for people to vote on application to definitely be included. There are no "questions" or "answers" left to be found, this is simply a survey to gauge the appetites of users. Apple will likely NEVER make a Linux version of iTunes – but it's on the list…

      And as if you'll find a £400 photo-editing application installed for free on a Linux OS…

  • Yup, I agree perfectly with Gimpalltheway and Dood. Saying Ubuntu will prefer GIMP over PS due to its size is just crap. Not to talk about the cost of all those apps.

    Like Dood said, Matt just wanted to in some way satisfy his curiosity, not that the survey was meant to give users 'say' in what application to be installed by default.

    I'd humbly call upon the author to make the necessary edits to the post so as not to cause unnecessary confusion among readers.

    • Typo. Sentence should read "saying Ubuntu will prefer PS over GIMP…" and not the other way round.

  • Abhishek

    Sooner or later Ubuntu is going to have start shipping ISOs on a DVD (or may be even IMGs on a USB stick!) instead of the standard 700 MB CD.

    The increase in size will not only be because of the wide range of applications that will come along with Ubuntu but the actual OS too will grow as it adds support/drivers for more and more hardware.

    I for one have not seen a new CD R/RW drive i.e. without DVD R/RW support in the past couple of years

    • This is still far away. One of the main aims of Ubuntu is to keep it confined within 700MB. Two reason cites
      * People in 3rd world countries cant download 3+GB
      * Aiming at 700MB helps them keep off bloat

  • Ubuntu is just getting better and better, and I think Windows 7 was the last salvo fired by Microsoft, as Open Source Software is making their business model obsolete.

  • I came here via a link from ubuntu-news
    I am really shocked to see how the matter is being exaggerate. Even I did take part in the poll, knowing well that it is just an attempt to measure the inclination and mindset of ubuntu users.

    iTunes wont ever come to Linux. People who wanted iTunes probably wanted a player which works like iTunes. Try SongBird

    Secondly, even if some or the other softwares makes it way, it wont find it's place in the default install. At max it can land in multiverse repositories which are non-free unsupported packages.

  • anonymous_'bunt

    I think maybe the question is being misinterpreted. It asks which apps you would like to see "appear on the Ubuntu platform". That is, not necessarily included as a default application in the distribution. Maybe they aim to petition the developers from Apple, Google, Adobe, etc. to develop versions of these applications for Ubuntu. Personally, if there were a version of iTunes for Ubuntu, I would use it as I have an iPhone. For now I will keep my dual boot setup.