Ubuntu Karmic Koala Video

We’ve covered the Ubuntu release here earlier. The release introduces many new features and improvements. For more information on whats new, visit this post.

This video also shows what’s new, with information on the new UI features. It displays small floating notes giving details wherever a change has taken place in the interface.

Check the video:

Dual Boot Ubuntu 9.10 on Windows with Wubi Installer

Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala is out. There is a good chance that you are planning to run Ubuntu along with the existing windows installation. In such a case, it becomes hard to free up space, move data and create a new partition for installing Ubuntu. The solution lies in using Wubi.


Wubi is a free open source application licensed under GNU and is an acronym for Windows Ubuntu Installer. For information on Wubi, visit this post by Keith.

Using Wubi is pretty simple.

It prompts for a username password, installation location and size.


There are options to select the desktop environment and the install language as well.

After installation is complete, this install location is mounted as a boot disk and presented as boot option when the system boots, allowing you to dual boot into either your native Windows system or the Ubuntu system you just installed.

The biggest advantage is that with Wubi, we can install Ubuntu anywhere. There is no need to manually change the bootloader, edit the boot process or create any partitions to dual boot.

The only drawback is a slight reduction in disk performance which can be overlooked if you are not performing continuous disk I/O.

Download Wubi here.

BBC Breakfast Talk on Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala

Rory Cellan-Jones is officially a Technology Correspondent in BBC and was called the Internet Correspondent till around 2000. Currently a BBC Breakfast host, Rory Cellan-Jones, had a hard time a week ago when he made some comments about Ubuntu on the show with Sian Williams and Bill Turnbull.

Rory was having a talk with Bill Turnbull and Sian Williams on Windows 7. It all fired up when Bill Turnbull mentions the presence of other Operating systems which are available for free.
Rory replies with,

Absolutely, I was just showing one off here. There’s something called Ubuntu’ which is launched next week. It’s a whole sort of little community of enthusiasts building operating systems for absolutely nothing and trying to persuade us that we don’t need to be in with the big boys but actually most computer users frankly they don’t want to bother with that sort of stuff they want something that’s there…

Bill seconds him with a

..that everyone else uses..

Popey gets upset with all this and puts a transcript of the show on his blog.

Next, Canonical approaches Rory with an offer to try out Ubuntu 9.10 and send him a Dell Inspiron Mini loaded with Karmic Koala. Rory likes the faster startup of the Ubuntu box he received. But that seems to be the only thing he liked. He did not quite enjoy the possibility of using Window softwares with Wine

I also gave up on attempting to use the music streaming service Spotify, after a warning that, as there was no Linux version, I would first need to get hold of something called Wine which allows you to run Windows apps. Too much bother…
Navigating around an unfamiliar system was fine once I’d worked out that the Ubuntu logo in the top left hand corner of the screen took me home, and for all my simple computing needs – from word processing to e-mail to web browsing – I found Ubuntu pretty satisfactory.
But, even after some help from a Canonical advisor who came and installed a few add-ons such as Flash, I struggled to work out how I would organise photos, music and video with this system.
So would I actively seek to install Ubuntu or any other Linux variant on a machine I already owned?
To be frank, no, because it would not make my computing life any simpler and more pleasurable than it is now.

Now, having said all that, he receives 300+ comments, each averaging to around 150 words.

I am not saying whether it was right or wrong for him to say all that. But when you are addressing a whole bunch of people right in the morning, everything that you say stays in their heads and makes up the gossip for the day.

All that happened might be covered by three kinds of people.

First, those who are complete Linux noobs, they will only get more frightened to even think of running Ubuntu now, especially when that big “NO” comes from a BBC Technology Correspondent. They would never know anything outside of Windows for the rest of their lives.

Secondly, there is a certain bunch of people who are primarily Windows users and also enjoy using Linux. Windows is the most popular OS strictly because of its ease of use. Linux can be easily hacked and modified. The user’s choice of an OS depends completely on his needs but familiarity with one particular OS is no reason to stick to it. It is fun for them. This bunch includes me.

Thirdly, there are Ubuntu enthusiasts who found this very intimidating, indeed it is for those who get involved in free and Open Source developments of this huge a scale and receive this kind of a feedback.

Download Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala DVD

Ubuntu Karmic Koala is out. For information on download or to order a free CD of Ubuntu Karmic Koala desktop edition, visit this post: Ubuntu Karmic Koala download. For information on downloading Ubuntu netbook Remix, visit this page: Ubuntu netbook remix download. Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala also offers DVD downloads.

To get the DVD version, visit this download page.

It contains all DVD versions for all architectures like amd 64 bit, amd 32 bit and intel x86 32 and 64 bit.

An md5 checksum is also provided to check the download for any errors.

The downloads are powered by Jigsaw Downloader which helps web administrators host very large files.

[ The DVD version mainly contains language packs with some development specific packages. So, if you are not into heavy development or need language-support, there is a better chance you do not need the DVD version as any extra package can always be added from the package manager. ]

Download Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala Netbook Remix

Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala Netbook Remix is also available for download with the release of Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala regular desktop version. For download of the Ubuntu Netbook Remix, visit this page.


You can get Ubuntu Netbook Remix running on your netbook in three easy steps. You will also require a thumb-drive or a CD for this installation.

Download the CD image from the page provided above. select a location with a good and powerful server nearest to your location. The ISO is 680 MB in size.

Next, burn the CD image to a disk or create a bootable thumb-drive from the downloaded ISO. You can use Unetbootin to create this bootable drive. Get Unetbootin here. A detailed installation guide is provided at this page.

Finally, install UNR from the bootable drive you just created.

That is all. Enjoy using Ubuntu Netbook Remix.

Upgrade to Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala from Ubuntu 9.04

Upgrading to Ubuntu(9.10) Karmic Koala from the Jaunty Jackalope(9.04) build is pretty easy. Ubuntu having a 6 month release cycle has been very wise to provide an easy upgrade option.

This guide will let users upgrade to Ubuntu Karmic Koala using the GUI provided for distribution upgrades which can be accessed at:

System > Administration > Update Manager. This upgrade needs root privileges.

You will get a window informing about the availability of the version 9.10. Click on upgrade.


Go through the release notes to know about changes. Click on Upgrade again when done.


Next, the files needed for the upgrade are fetched.


After the files are successfully fetched, you are prompted to start the upgrade process. The upgrade takes quite some time depending on the number of packages you are using and whether you update regularly.


Once the updates are installed and the distro version is upgraded, you are prompted to restart your system. After a restart, you will see the version 9.10 as your version number.


Ubuntu Theme Pack–for a Fresh Red Look

I had submitted theme packs for blue and green color schemes. Now, it’s time for a red theme pack for Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala. So, here are the specs for the next theme pack I am using on my Ubuntu.


The wallpaper for this theme is from Deviantart, and gives a funky look.


Download the wallpaper here : Download black and red

View the Wallpaper Author’s gallery here : gallery


Ghostly is a red GTK2 theme.


The theme can be downloaded at this location : Download Ghostly Theme


It took me some trouble to find this red GDM theme but it was worth it.


The Red GDM theme can be downloaded at this location : Download Red GDM Theme

Icon Pack:

This icon pack is from Deviantart as well.


Get the Azenis icon pack here : Azenis Icon pack for Ubuntu

Ubuntu 9.10 New Features

Ubuntu 9.10 was released a few hours back. The release comes with new features. The promising ones are:

Use of GRUB2:

GRUB2 is available in the Karmic Koala final release. It has completely replaced GRUB. The new bootloader has been re-written from scratch.

Use of ext-4 file system:

ext-4 is the default file system for the new version of Ubuntu. Options for using the earlier file systems are also present.

Better installation process:

A better installation is included as against the earlier boring installation. The new installation shows general information while the installation proceeds.

Boot Splash:

The boot screen or the boot splash screen has been completely changed. It looks much classier now.

Software Center:

Instead of the initial add-remove software, we now have a software center to serve all your software needs.

New wallpapers:

A new set of wallpapers has been included for a change.

These are some of the  improvements that are visible during common usage of Ubuntu Linux.

[ Via earth-hacks ]

Tweak Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala

Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala is out. The installation has improved, boot time has improved and overall performance and experience has been revamped.


The next thing would be to try out some tweaks or install some missing applications and support. You can try these out:

Add more software:

Add more software and packages to your package manager and Software Center by using a modified sources list. This gives us options to install unsupported applications, media codecs and applications from third party vendors, applications like Opera and Vuze. For a guide on installing more software in Karmic Koala, visit this post on adding more software sources.


Although the default Ubuntu theme shipped with the Karmic build is excellent, it is a bit dark and does not go with icons of many applications. In such a situation, you can use this theme for a blue look or this theme for a green look. As obvious, these themes have a focus on the color scheme.

Add handy applications:

Next, you can add some handy applications like Launchy,  KeePassX, Ksplice, SubDownloader.

Nautilus Scripts:

Add nautilus scripts to your installation to get a powerful right click context menu. You can also install the NScript nautilus script package. Visit here and here for nautilus scripts.

You can get more tweaks and customizations at this Ultimate Tweak List.