Lucid Lynx includes manual for Beginners

Ubuntu Lucid Lynx has plans of including a user manual for beginners. This will attract more migration from existing users of other OS like Windows and other Linux distributions. It will also help Ubuntu compete against Linux Mint, which is a Ubuntu derivative and has pushed through the distro list to come up to position #2, just after Ubuntu at #1.

The Ubuntu manual is a project with a complete guide on using Ubuntu from scratch, HowTo articles and comprehensive guides. The manual is written and maintained by the Ubuntu Manual Team. This project aims at providing a professional help system to advanced users and at the same time, keep it easy to use for beginners.

The manual is first expected to appear on the 10th of February, with the Alpha release of Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx. The Final release will be ready on the 29th of April. The manual will be released and revised every six months and will be available as a pdf file.

This will not only attract more users to the OS, it will also give it a better share in the OS market. Ubuntu Lucid Lynx might include many revolutionary features compared to earlier Linux versions like 32 bit graphics, even better boot times and now a user manual. With a strict six months release cycle, it simply keeps getting better.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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