No more Humanity theme by default in Ubuntu

Ubuntu has been using the Humanity theme right from the first version. The theme blended in as an integral part of the default OS. This time though, Mark Shuttleworth has some better plans for the default Ubuntu theme. In an interview on February 19 2010, Shuttleworth suggested that the Humanity theme will possibly be replaced by a new “light theme”, from Ubuntu 10.04 onwards. The exact quote as appeared on the blogspot of MadsRH, was given as:

…we’ll have some new styling which is going to be the starting point of another five year view. We’ve been Human for the last five years and now we’re gonna be light oriented.

From this quote, it might be inferred, that Mark Shuttleworth is referring to the Elementary theme for Ubuntu. The Elementary Theme is popular for its set of breadcrumbs, which are much better than in any other theme available for Ubuntu.

Clearly, nothing has been explicitly mentioned in this speech. Further, at the AskMark session at Ubuntu OpenWeek, Mark Shuttleworth talked about changes in the boot process and the login process but nothing about any new GTK theme.

If this change gets through, it will be a remarkable change in the UI and will mark the end of an era.

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  • Queixa

    I have come to believe that the theme Ubuntu has been using is designed specifically to encourage new users to explore the new operating system and what can be done with it. It is so UGLY that the first thing the user does is try to find a way to change the way it looks.

  • Indian Art

    Nice change!

    Hope some colorful backgrounds like Purple, Red, Blue, Green are come with Lucid Lynx.

    Also a theme for kids with some cartoon backgrounds would be great.