Emerald Window Manager: Must Have Ubuntu Software
By on October 29th, 2009

Window decorations and effects is a powerful feature of the Ubuntu compiz package. But, the themes we generally use are not able to skin the window border and add effects to it in a complete manner.

To get this desired effect, we can use the Emerald Window Manager.

Emerald Window Manager is an application which binds with the compiz desktop to provide us with added effects like shadow and glass pane on the window borders.



The Window manager comes with many built in window decorations which we can use. In addition to this, many downloadable window decorations are also available. We can also edit the decorations to adjust the depth, width and height. The glass pane can also be customized to a huge extent. The title bar can be set to roll up or maximize right from the emerald settings. Emerald is a must have application for customizing the look of your windows.
Emerald themes come as .emerald files. To open an emerald theme file, simply double click it. It opens with Emerald. Emerald theme files are really small in size and are applied as soon as we select them in the application.
The theme might not work as desired initially immediately after the installation. In such a situation, enter into a terminal:

emerald --replace

to install Emerald, enter the given code into a terminal:

sudo apt-get install emerald

Techie Buzz Verdict:

This is the only software of it’s kind in Ubuntu. The theme files are extremely small in size and are available readily at www.compiz-themes.org and www.gnome-look.org. Applying themes is very easy and tinkering with the settings can give a variety of effects. The application has some initial problems while loading the window borders for the first time. From next run, it works like a breeze. It works with all Ubuntu based distributions.

Techie Buzz Rating: 4.5/5 ( Excellent)

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