Android Theme for Ubuntu Linux

Do you love Android devices and cellphones, and you want the same look on your Ubuntu desktop?  You can have your Ubuntu Linux desktop look like Android OS, with matching icons, background and wallpapers.

“Genoid” is an Android Icon/GTK theme which can be used to transform your Ubuntu (GNOME) desktop to look like Android OS.

Android theme for Ubuntu
Android theme for Ubuntu

Genoid comes with lots of Android flavors – many icons have been incorporated. It has a GDM and a GTK theme.

You can download Genoid here.

After installing, the icons and the menus look quite sleek .

Android theme for Linux
Android theme for Linux

Techie-buzz Verdict: The theme provides you with the best Android look you can get for your Ubuntu desktop. However, a lot of Android icons are missing and you end up with half-android-half-gnome desktop.

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