How to Get your Email Address

Microsoft has just announced Outlook email service which will be replacing Hotmail soon. While you can keep using your current email id, you also have an option of creating a new [email protected] email alias that you can use alongside your current email address. This a tutorial on how to do that (if you have a generic name, you better hurry up before someone else gets it).

To upgrade to Outlook from Hotmail, login to Hotmail. Click  Options and select Upgrade to .

You will be automatically upgraded to the new Outlook. You will find a welcome mail with a link to get a new alias as shown below.

Alternately, you can also create an alias from the settings page.

Once you are in the new Outlook, click on the gear icon on the top right corner of Outlook and select More Setting option. You will be taken to the Settings page.

Now click Create your Outlook alias from under Managing your account section.

After entering your desired alias, click Create alias button and you are done.

You can now send and receive emails using your new outlook mail id.

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  • RichG13

    Awesome. I went right to and it looks like it automatically upgrades you to With your help I was able to get the aliases I wanted.

  • Edwin

    Thanks for the clear outline

  • hotmailforever

    once the “final change” to oulook takes place, will the hotmail users have their usernames-alias “transfered” to a [email protected]; or will they have to start from scratch with the risk of loosing their original hotmail user name?; thanks for the info

    • When you create an Outlook email alias as shown above, you wont loose your hotmail email address.

      • hotmailforever

        apparently I showed up late as I tried to take an outlook account and found the alias I used for my hotmail account unavailable…I sent an email to my alias with and got an answer from the guy that took it…aparently I fou^nd out late about the change; not very happy with that..

  • Video might be useful for new outlook user who wants to know how to create and delete email alias